The Lame List

‘more’ linksEvery episode we each pick something to recognize as a nominee to “The Lame List.” Below are all the nominees to “The Lame List.” Want to know why we nominated something? Listen to the episode!

Episode 65:

  • “Free” Find My iPhone feature by Eddie
  • Qwest’s unconscionably slow Internet service by Noah
  • And a listener nomination by Ryan of Hulu Plus

Episode 64:

  • Microsoft’s “To the Cloud!” commercials by Noah
  • New Smurfs and Yogi Bear movie trailers by Eddie

Episode 63:

  • Gap, iTunes 10, MySpace logos by Noah
  • Disney’s unnecessary webcast by Eddie

Episode 62:

  • Skype by Noah
  • “Starting at $5″ stickers by Eddie
  • Parodies of parodies by Ray

Episode 61:

  • Walt Mossberg and Steve Jobs for the poor interview at D8 by Eddie
  • People who have the nerve to tell other people how to run their web site by Noah

Episode 60:

  • Evernote for not fulfilling its basic premise by Noah
  • Music labels who thought their latest duplicity had gone unnoticed by Eddie

Episode 59:

  • Pixar for announcing a sequel to Monster’s Inc. by Eddie
  • Gizmodo for ‘outing’ the Apple employee who ‘lost’ his iPhone prototype by Noah

Episode 58:

  • Craigslist for stubbornly sticking with a poor interface by Noah
  • Movie theater chains for raising prices without a compelling reason by Eddie

Episode 57:

  • ‘More’ links by Eddie
  • Microsoft’s name for their next mobile phones (Windows Phone 7 Series) by Eddie

Episode 56:

  • iSuppli’s “teardown” of the iPad by Noah
  • Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for ending the age of privacy by Eddie

Episode 55:

  • Unprecedented use of the filibuster nominated by Noah
  • Unauthorized Simpsons Biographer John Ortved by Eddie

Episode 54:

  • Pat Robertson for his “true story” by Noah
  • Movie studios for their “licensing agreements” by Eddie

Episode 53:

  • FTC’s new guidelines for bloggers by Noah
  • Unnecessary page-flipping animation by Eddie

Episode 52:

  • ASCAP & BMI for trying to collect royalties on 30-second song previews by Noah
  • Disney for crippling its web site for iPhone users by Eddie

Episode 51:

  • Machine-based translation services by Noah
  • Radio Shack’s ill-advised new marketing campaign by Eddie

Episode 50:

  • Twitter users who spread rumors by Ray (from 2P Start!)
  • For the 4th time . . . Apple’s bad policies regarding the App Store by Noah
  • A frivolous lawsuit against a University by Eddie

Episode 49:

  • Google’s vaporware announcement of Chrome OS by Noah
  • Apple’s whining about Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter ads by Eddie

Episode 48:

  • Those who overstate Twitter’s importance in Iran by Noah
  • Carrie Prejean for her a mistaken claim about the loss of her crown  by Eddie

Episode 47:

  • Apple’s App Store shenanigans (for the 3rd time) by Noah
  • A pair of thoroughly lame quotes picked by Eddie

Episode 46:

  • Unfair judging of “Britain’s Got Talent” contestant Susan Boyle by Noah
  • Oprah’s foray into Twitter by Eddie

Episode 45:

  • Leakers of the new Wolverine film online by Ray (from 2P Start!)
  • URL Shortening Services by Noah
  • Package redesign of Tropicana by Eddie

Episode 44:

  • WordPress hackers/spammers by Noah
  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences by Eddie

Episode 43:

  • Patent saber-rattling regarding the Palm Pre by Tim (from 2P Start!)
  • Failure of online inauguration coverage by Noah
  • Speculation surrounding Steve Jobs’ illness by Eddie

Episode 42:

  • iTunes Plus upgrade price/policy by Noah
  • Associated Content for believing ‘Where the Hell is Matt’ is a hoax by Eddie

Episode 41:

  • Apple for the iPhone SDK NDA and App Store inconsitency by Noah
  • Hollywood for bad policies regarding digital purchases and downloads by Eddie

Episode 40:

  • Discover Card by Noah
  • MySpace by Eddie

Episode 39:

  • Gee-whiz technologies used by news networks on election night by Noah
  • UPS by Eddie

Episode 38:

  • CNN by Noah
  • CBS by Eddie

Episode 37:

  • Apple’s iPhone App Store debacle by Noah
  •’s ‘Video On Demand’ ruining the ‘Recommend For You’ feature by Eddie

Episode 36:

  • The passing of Don LaFontaine by Ray
  • The green screening of John McCain by Noah
  • The Clone Wars “movie” by Eddie

Episode 35:

  • Warner Bros. for delaying the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by Eddie
  • Prank text messages about Obama’s running mate and the Wall Street Journal for believing them by Noah

Episode 34:

  • Apple for their lack of openness by Noah
  • Wii Fit resellers (and Nintendo) by Eddie

Episode 33:

  • Adium for not making an iPhone App by Noah
  • Wikipedia by Eddie

Episode 32:

  • TelCel’s (Mexican cell phone carrier) horrible iPhone plans by Noah
  • Bugs by our guest Josh
  • Ebay’s feedback feedback policy and bad buyers by Eddie

Episode 31:

  • Windows Se7en’s lack of substance nominated by Noah
  • Nintendo limiting use of WiiMote and WiiFit balance board together nominated by our guest Ray
  • Complaints about the realism of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Episode 30:

  • NBC for partnering with the Zune marketplace exclusively nominated by Eddie
  • Microsoft enabling the broadcast tag on Vista Media Centers nominated by Noah

Episode 29:

Episode 28:

  • Very buggy & slow initial backups to the TimeCapsule nominated by Noah
  • Yahoo Instant Messenger not Leopard compatible nominated by Eddie

Episode 27:

  • Lack of documentation for the Apple TimeCapsule nominated by Noah
  • Projectionist which ruined the ending of “No Country for Old Men” nominated by Eddie
  • Microsoft for trying to buy Yahoo nominated by our guest Chris

Episode 26:

  • The new American Gladiator’s TV show missing classic events nominated by Eddie
  • US Customs Service Laptop search procedure nominated by Noah
  • The LG Voyager’s $5 a month email application nominated by our guest Tim

Episode 25:

  • Apple’s iTunes Movie Rentals not working on older video iPods nominated by Eddie

Episode 24:

  • Gizmodo CES prank nominated by Noah
  • Boingo Wireless’s unclear charges nominated by Eddie

Episode 23: Holiday Jeers

  • iPhones as a Christmas gift nominated by Ray
  • Yo Yo Yo Kids album nominated by Eddie

Episode 22: Lamest of the Year

  • Engadget being duped by the fake iPhone delay nominated by Noah
  • Apple TV picked by Eddie

Episode 21:

  • Garageband for its inability to actually record a podcast nominated by Noah
  • Adobe’s refusal to make CS2 software compatible with Mac OS X Leopard

Episode 20:

  • Whiners about the iPhone 1.1.1 updater nominated by Noah
  • Women suing over iPhone pricecut for $1 Million nominated by Eddie

Episode 19:

  • Microsoft thinking they know what I want to do, when they don’t nominated by Noah

Episode 18:

  • NBC pulling shows from iTunes nominated by Eddie
  • Tech media for saying the HP Blackbird is groundbreaking nominated by Noah

Episode 17:

  • People who leave the theater before the end of the credits nominated by Eddie

Episode 16:

  • Summer movies we have to see, but we think will disappoint nominated by Eddie, Ray & Noah

Episode 15:

  • Apple’s denial of the rumors of Leopard delays nominated by Eddie
  • Copyright Royalty Boards Net Radio decision nominated by Noah

Episode 14:

  • Creepy Orville Redenbacher CGI TV Ads nominated by Eddie
  • Internet Shutdown Day nominated by Noah

Episode 13:

  • The Apple Blog selling the right to be reviewed nominated by Noah
  • IntelliTXT link advertisements nomnated by Eddie

Episode 12:

  • RIAA nominated by Noah
  • KidzBop nominated by Eddie

Episode 11:

  • No ghost tracks on Virtual Consule of MarioCart64 nominate by our guest Ray
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force “bomb” hoax nominated by Noah

Episode 10:

  • Non-”squirtable” songs on the Zune nominated by Noah

Episode 9:

  • Fergilicious music video & Halo on Nintendo DS rumors nominated by guest host Ray
  • Breaking up of stories to gain page views on the net by Eddie

Episode 8: Lamest of the last year

  • Lamest of the year for Noah was the FreeGeeks robbery (from Episode 6)
  • Lames of the year for Eddie was TiVo To Go for Mac not being released yet

Episode 7:

  • Baskin & Robbins not having 31 flavors nominated by Eddie

Episode 6:

  • Whoever broke into the FreeGeeks office nominated by Noah
  • Trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix released at the Happy Feet website nominated by Eddie

Episode 5:

  • Not being able to buy U2 & Greenday’s “The Saints are Coming” on iTunes nominated by Eddie

Episode 4:

  • 6 versions of Vista nominated by Noah
  • Product activation by Eddie

Episode 3:

  • DHL Delivery man nominated by Eddie

Episode 2:

  • No earbud covers on iPod earbuds nominated by Eddie
  • Mac WiFi exploit “soap opera” nominated by Noah

Episode 1:

  • The name of the Zune nominated by Noah


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