Episode 57: Pay?

Newspaper web sites are beginning to charge for access to their web sites and both Noah and Eddie have some thoughts about that. But not before Noah shares another Mexico Moment.

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Episode 56: The End of an Expo

Eddie recaps the (last?) Macworld Expo for Noah but not until after the two of them respond to listener feedback from recent episodes and Noah promises not to bring up politics anymore.

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Episode 55: Unauthorized iPad Biography

Yes, Apple’s iPad is the topic of discussion for this episode. That includes the introduction of iBooks, its lack of Flash, the controversial App Store and more.

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Episode 54: Babies are keeping it Real

A baby has been added to the crew, but that doesn’t stop Noah and Eddie from returning to the even-more-relevant topic of tablet computers and even-less-relevant topic of RealNetworks.

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New “Lame Show” staff member

Please join me in welcoming a new member of the “Lame Show” team, Elijah Thomas Brimhall.

Elijah Thomas Brimhall

Elijah Thomas Brimhall, Sound Engineer

Elijah joined the “Lame Show” team on Thusday, Nov. 26th at 1:13 pm.  He weighs 9lbs 3ozs and is 21 inches long.

Although we have this new team member, training him on how to operate the soundboard and showing him what makes a good Lame List nomination will take some time and necessitates the delay of  new episodes for a while.

Photo Gallery

Lame Show crew on 2P Start Live!

Noah and Eddie were asked to join in the fun of the 100th episode of 2P Start Live! Besides a few minutes of great Lame Show / 2P Start cross-over goodness you also can find out who won the Knubby Awards this year and some other special news from 2P Start.

Episode 53: Page-Flipping Tablets?

After first catching up on listener comments, Noah and Eddie debate the hows and whys of the rumored tablet computer (and why it’ll be more expensive than you hope).

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Episode 52: The iPod Anniversary

Three years later, Noah and Eddie return to the topic of digital music on the heels of Apple’s now-annual September music event, which brings updates to iPods and iTunes.

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The Internet Manifesto

Since our last podcast looked into the future of Newspapers and the internet, I think our listeners might find this interesting:

Internet Manifesto: How journalism works today; Seventeen declarations

A group of German weblog authors and journalist came up with a 17 point manifesto on how the realities of the internet and their implications for journalism.  It’s a quick read and doesn’t really go in to any real depth on any one of the declarations, but it provides a good jumping off point for thinking about how to journalist could and, as the authors of the manifesto argue, should approach the internet.

Episode 51: The Death of Newspapers

The life and death of the American newspaper is the main discussion topic for this episode. Noah and Eddie also respond to listener feedback from the last episode, which leads to a brief discussion of Snow Leopard.

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