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Episode 55: Unauthorized iPad Biography

Yes, Apple’s iPad is the topic of discussion for this episode. That includes the introduction of iBooks, its lack of Flash, the controversial App Store and more.

Episode 54: Babies are keeping it Real

A baby has been added to the crew, but that doesn’t stop Noah and Eddie from returning to the even-more-relevant topic of tablet computers and even-less-relevant topic of RealNetworks.

Episode 53: Page-Flipping Tablets?

After first catching up on listener comments, Noah and Eddie debate the hows and whys of the rumored tablet computer (and why it’ll be more expensive than you hope).

Episode 52: The iPod Anniversary

Three years later, Noah and Eddie return to the topic of digital music on the heels of Apple’s now-annual September music event, which brings updates to iPods and iTunes.

Episode 51: The Death of Newspapers

The life and death of the American newspaper is the main discussion topic for this episode. Noah and Eddie also respond to listener feedback from the last episode, which leads to a brief discussion of Snow Leopard.

Episode 50: Revenge of the Summer Movie Trio

Ray from 2PSTART returns to discuss the 2009 Summer Movie Season, including the sequels to Transformers and Terminator franchises, plus Land of the Lost, Funny People and whether or not the newest Harry Potter is the best or worst of the series.

Episode 49: The Nerdy Episode

New search engines Bing and WolframAlpha are discussion topics this episode, but not before Noah and Eddie respond to listener feedback about the Palm Pre and iPhone 3.0.

Episode 48: Let’s NOT Get Crazy

Noah and Eddie discuss the good and the lame of the newly-released iPhone software, hardware and prices. Plus AT&T & Palm Pre … and a Mexico Moment.

Episode 47: The Competition Heats Up

Eddie’s back from abroad (and Noah’s still abroad) to answer listener comments, specifically about the topic of netbooks. Predictions are made regarding the next iPhone and the soon-arriving Palm Pre and Zune HD.

Episode 46: Again?

Thanks to listener comments, we revisit the topics of Pepsi, Twitter and Facebook before starting a new discussion about Microsoft’s latest TV ad campaign.