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Episode 65: Find My TV

TV on the Internet or the Internet on TV is the theme of this holiday season episode, as Eddie and Noah scrutinize Google TV and Hulu Plus.

Episode 64: Kinect the Smurfs

Microsoft takes center stage this episode, from its new Kinect gaming technology to its “To the Cloud!” commercials. But don’t forget about iTunes Ping! (or maybe do forget about it)

Episode 63: The Reunion Tour

Returning from a break, Lame List nominations abound: Gap, iTunes 10, MySpace, and even Disney

Episode 62: Reasonable Expectations

Ray joins Noah and Eddie to answer the summer’s biggest question: Are Videogames Art? Oh, and iPhone 4-Gate. Dunh, dunh, DUNH!

Episode 61: Happy Father’s Day 3D

The new iPhone 4 hasn’t jumped on the 3D bandwagon, but that doesn’t mean no one’s interested. Plus we verify listener feedback, and there’s a new SkyMall Selection you can nail into a tree.

Episode 60: Telekinetic Gooooogle

After the latest vacation, it’s time for another SkyMall Selection, this time featuring headbands and earclips. And Google seems to think it’s taking over the world with its Android operating system. Is it?

Episode 59: Monsters, Phones and Thieves

Canada (home of the real Vancouver) is the latest listener-submitted Lame List Nomination, because of its iTunes Gift Card regulations.

Episode 58: Cold, Lying and Overpriced

Our first listener-submitted Lame List Nomination is given to Eddie based on his opinion of the prefix “bi,” and another listener prompts a discussion of the amusing Viacom v. YouTube legal battle.

Episode 57: Pay?

Newspaper web sites are beginning to charge for access to their web sites and both Noah and Eddie have some thoughts about that. But not before Noah shares another Mexico Moment.

Episode 56: The End of an Expo

Eddie recaps the (last?) Macworld Expo for Noah but not until after the two of them respond to listener feedback from recent episodes and Noah promises not to bring up politics anymore.