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Episode 75: Lameworld

Which is the lamest: Microsoft makes its last keynote presence at CES, Macworld continues its metamorphosis into iWorld, or SOPA & PIPA fail to slow online piracy?

Episode 74: Auld Lame Syne

This year-end episode delivers the Lamest of the Year 2011 (cough, Netflix, cough, Google TV) and also the Picks of the Year (iOS Developers and The Muppets)

Episode 73: He wasn’t a “real” CEO

Steve Jobs has died; the iPhone 4S and its digital assistant Siri live; and Netflix can’t make up its mind.

Episode 72: 2011 Summer Movie Postview

Ray from 2PStart! returns for our annual Summer Movie Episode, featuring Cars 2, The Hangover Part 2, Transformers 3, and Harry Potter 7.2.

Episode 71: Rapture Beta by Google

According to one of our listeners in Taiwan, a 14.0 earthquake was predicted as truth. But maybe that was just Microsoft buying Skype. Another listener’s question prompts a discussion of Google’s new Chromebooks and Music Beta.

Episode 70: Streaming Piles of Chaos

Amazon and Time Warner are streaming music and TV to the chagrin of some. Meanwhile Noah is distracted by his new iPad 2. And is Android still open?

Episode 69: All About Money

The New York Times starts to charge online readers, states want Amazon to charge sales tax, and Twitter tries to find some way to make money.

Episode 68: Going Local

Listener feedback starts off this episode (including a listener-submitted Lame List nomination), followed by the return of our SkyMall segment and a discussion of HP’s newly-announced phones and its upcoming TouchPad.

Episode 67: 2011 Year-in-Preview

Hear all about Noah’s experiences with Google’s Cr-48 Chrome Notebook. And unlike the iPad, it supports Flash (but soon won’t support the H.264 video format). Plus, find out what is the most ‘not lame’ thing of 2011 to date!

Episode 66: 2010 Lame-in-Review

Look back at the Lamest items of 2010 in this final episode of the year. (Both of them begin with the letter G)