About The Lame Show

Separated by thousands of miles and a national border, modern technology now allows Noah and Eddie to continue their chats and rants and let everyone else listen in.

Noah Brimhall is a Lead Search Analyst for a major computer manufacturer.  He lives with his wife in Guadalajara, Mexico and enjoys the sunny weather (except the three months that it rains pretty much every day). He’s a longtime Mac user and also dabbles in web design and development.  He occasionally writes on his personal blog.

Eddie Hargreaves is a Publicity Coordinator for an art and history museum in California’s Central Valley, where he lives. He started using Macs while in school in the late 1980s and was introduced to Netscape 1.0 by Noah while the two were in college. He previously wrote a technology column for a daily community newspaper and writes posts for The Apple Blog less occasionally than he posts items of interest on his old blog.


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    freeplay said January 31, 2010, 7:15 pm:

    Hey, i don’t really listen to your podcast. I found you because I’m Eddie’s brother’s number 1 fan. I just wanted to tell you guys that you have humbled me. I used to consider myself a nerd, but and hour of you guys talking goes over my head.

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