Episode 75: Lameworld

Which is the lamest: Microsoft makes its last keynote presence at CES, Macworld continues its metamorphosis into iWorld, or SOPA & PIPA fail to slow online piracy?

Google gets nominated to the Lame List for its Google+ Your World and is joined by America’s ‘honorable representatives’ for calling people “nerds.”

Picks of the Episode are iBallz and the Strava App for iPhone.


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    Our family just bought an iPad, and I’d love to see the list of apps Noah picks on the show, but the pick list is somewhat outdated. XD

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    (After listening the show.)

    I’m pretty surprised you didn’t talk about ACTA, is it an overreach?

    As far as I had heard, it monitor what everyone’s uploading.

    As I see, it has a good concept, but I think it would have a hard time pursuing.

    In my opinion, there is no way to stop piracy.
    But I actually prefer online piracy, which none profits, rather than paying those pirates.

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    Actually, there are people who profit from online piracy. Read up on the recent Megaupload case, for example, whose founder owned a $4.3M home, numerous cars and millions in cash. Also, ISPs profit from online piracy because they’re providing the bandwidth necessary for folks to upload/download files. As you can probably tell, I have a lot to say on the topic!

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    Yes, we both realized that the Picks has not been updated in a while and we’re going to rectify that very soon!

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    Blaster said March 14, 2012, 6:06 pm:

    (after a relisten)
    I think the price is not only about cash, it’s a function of money and the time/effort it takes to get it.

    If the customer has absolutely no interest in the product, then he wouldn’t be pirating it, even from the Internet. Since it takes him some time to get it.

    I think it’s all about what you think that worthy, and if it’s not worth the time/money to grab it the legal way, but you are still somewhat interested in it, you might pirate it. Just that.

    Whether the pirate is making money or not is not the point, if the pirate asks for some price for his things, some people still won’t buy it from them.

    Shamefully, here in Taiwan, there are people who plays pirated games, and they will LAUGH at those who buy them legally. It’s all about the utility.

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