Episode 70: Streaming Piles of Chaos

Amazon and Time Warner are streaming music and TV to the chagrin of some. Meanwhile Noah is distracted by his new iPad 2. And is Android still open?

Lame List nominations go to David E. Kelley for his Wonder Woman TV pilot and Apple for failing to include a Calculator on the iPad.

Picks are the new CBS TV series “Chaos” and Instapaper.


  1. Quote
    blaster said April 27, 2011, 3:53 pm:

    OK, this might not be technology related, so you can ignore me if you like.

    I have a lame list nomination to all those who claims huge nature disaster is coming. I mean, we all know if we keep wasting resource, the world is ending someday. But no one can predict nature disasters… right?
    This guy in Taiwan (where I live) just predicted there will be a earthquake of scale 14 on May 11th. Does that make sense? Not to me, because we all know as the scale goes up, the energy it releases go up exponentially. A scale of 14… I don’t know, it might just create a new continent?

    And the worst part is, when people place suspicious on the prediction, this predictor jumps out and said: “This is not a prediction, this is the truth.” Well, can’t argue with that anymore I suppose.

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