Episode 68: Going Local

Listener feedback starts off this episode (including a listener-submitted Lame List nomination), followed by the return of our SkyMall segment and a discussion of HP’s newly-announced phones and its upcoming TouchPad.

Portland television station KGW and the Maryland Department of Corrections earn Lame List nominations from Eddie and Noah, while Noah recommends the Oscar-nominated “Exit Through the Gift Shop” for his Pick of the episode.


  1. Quote

    The Maryland Dept of Corrections aren’t the first gang of dingles to require that new hires give up all their privacy to get a job.

    The City of Bozeman, Montana tried something similar in 2009:

    After they received a wagon-load of bad press they back off on their policy. Hopefully this will happen here as well.

  2. Quote

    Seriously, when I left the comment about Chrorium, it was meant to be a joke.

    But for more “prove” of Google being nerdy, stable Cr has a mass number between 52-54, so 48 might just represents it as a beta.

    I’m sorry about the Google TV thing. It’s just a random headline I spot somewhere… and I believed it.

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