Episode 67: 2011 Year-in-Preview

Hear all about Noah’s experiences with Google’s Cr-48 Chrome Notebook. And unlike the iPad, it supports Flash (but soon won’t support the H.264 video format). Plus, find out what is the most ‘not lame’ thing of 2011 to date!

Lame List nominations go to blink® and professional Apple analysts, both of which don’t provide a valuable service.

Picks of the episode are Slate’s Hang Up and Listen podcast and the comic blog Our Valued Customers.


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    Correction: During the podcast I said that Google Chrome was the 2nd most popular web-browser, but it isn’t! By all measures, Google Chrome is the 3rd most popular browser. You can see a lot more information about browser market share in this Wikipedia article.

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    I think Cr-48 might be a reference about an Isotope of Chrorium.

    Due to Wikipedia, Cr-48 has a half-life of 21.56 hours.

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