Episode 66: 2010 Lame-in-Review

Look back at the Lamest items of 2010 in this final episode of the year. (Both of them begin with the letter G)

Of course, there were also winners, including browsers and the iPad.

And if you’re still looking for gifts, Noah and Eddie give some recommendations for what’s Lame and what’s Not Lame.


  1. Quote

    I here object to Eddie’s lame list of the year to Google Phone. It should go to Google.

    I saw it on the news that Google had stopped producing Google TV, and after hearing the reason why Google Phone is lame, I find it shocking that they both failed for the same reason. They think the provider and the TV network would cooperate with them even if they didn’t talk to them in the first place.

    Then guess what? No providers but one supports Google Phone, and all TV network banned Google TV from visiting their page. It’s just totsl FAIL.

  2. Quote

    Google TV has definitely had some serious problems, but I think the verdict is still out. Logitech has refuted that they’re suspending production of their Google TV set-top box, so we’ll see what happens next year. There’s still a chance I’ll name it Lamest of 2011!

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