Episode 58: Cold, Lying and Overpriced

Our first listener-submitted Lame List Nomination is given to Eddie based on his opinion of the prefix “bi,” and another listener prompts a discussion of the amusing Viacom v. YouTube legal battle.

Lame List nominations are given to craigslist for stubbornly sticking with a poor interface and movie theater chains for raising prices without a compelling reason.

Discussion topics include the new TiVo Premiere and iPhone OS 4 preview. Plus Noah has a Mexico Moment followup (despite not being in Mexico anymore).

The (truly) lone Pick of the Episode is Ryan Dunlavy’s Comic Strip Mashups.


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    My user-submitted Lame List comes all the way from the real Vancouver- the one in Canada. Well, I guess that it just comes from Canada, but I wanted to get a shot in.

    Did you know that in Canada, if you want to buy apps for your iPod Touch/iPhone, or even just a game for your iPod nano/classic, then you can’t pay using an iTunes giftcard? You have to pay using your credit card. As I don’t have a credit card (I’m in highschool, in gr. 11) this is incredibly frustrating. For once, it’s not the App store’s fault- it’s some sort of Canadian law, but it’s definitely lame.

    Love the podcast, even though I’m actually anti-Mac/pro-PC. I’ve never had any sort of serious problem with my PC, and neither have my friends with their PCs- several of them run Vista and don’t understand what all the fuss is about, as it’s working just fine for all of them, and I actually know two people who abandoned Mac OS X in favour of Vista. I liked Macs- the OS always struck me as counterintuitive, and they’re so much more expensive than a good PC. But now I’m just ranting, and you’ve covered at least some of that stuff.

    Love the podcast- thanks for all the free entertainment!


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    There’s a chunk of silence (about 10 seconds) in the Viacom VS Youtube segment. Hope that can be fixed, but I assume the source file has already been deleted.

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