Episode 57: Pay?

Newspaper web sites are beginning to charge for access to their web sites and both Noah and Eddie have some thoughts about that. But not before Noah shares another Mexico Moment.

Lame List nominations are given to ‘more’ links and Microsoft’s name for their next mobile phones (Windows Phone 7 Series).

The lone pick for the Episode is Disney’s Give a Day, Get a Disney Day program

And listeners are encouraged to submit their own Lame List nominations via the comments section of the web site.


  1. Quote

    My Lame List Nomination goes to Eddie for thinking bi- means “half” and “double”.
    Because it doesn’t. It means “two”. That’s why “bicentennial” can only mean 200.
    The only problem is that when it’s used in a word that indicates a particular frequency, it can be read in two ways: Bi-weekly (Twice a week) or biweek-ly (Once every biweek).

    Well, okay, not really. But I do like the idea of user suggested Lame List Nominations. Glad to have Mexico Moments back, too.

  2. Quote

    Fun show, you guys. Any chance you could share your thoughts regarding the current YouTube/Viacom situation?

  3. Quote

    I was definitely planning to discuss the YouTube/Viacom copyright lawsuit on our next episode. It’s been delayed due to Noah’s impending move back to the United States.

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