Episode 54: Babies are keeping it Real

A baby has been added to the crew, but that doesn’t stop Noah and Eddie from returning to the even-more-relevant topic of tablet computers and even-less-relevant topic of RealNetworks.

Lame List nominations are given to Pat Robertson for his “true story” and the movie studios for their “licensing agreements”.

Picks include feedly.com and livedaily.com.

Also, to find out how you can give to help in Haiti please visit the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.


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    Yay for babies!

    Boo for Pat Robertson!

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    I am whole heartedly with Noah’s pick. I am a God fearing man and he deeply offends me and my religion. I would add that this isn’t the first time. Jon Stewart’s comment fits best “Shut your pie-hole old man!”.

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    Pat Robertson is a douchewaffle. He and Rush Limbaugh should go live on an island somewhere.

    With that out of the way – a lot of iTablet/iSlate/iCanvas rumorology seems to focus on this perceived problem: “I have an iPhone, I have a MacBook, what do I want a tablet for?” I wonder if the hypothetical tablet isn’t a potential replacement for the macbook line. In the past Apple killed their own very popular iPod mini for the iPod Nano…what if this slate concept is just the new portable form factor?

    I can imagine an ‘easel’ or something on your desk which props up your tablet, with a wireless keyboard and mouse close by. The device switches to a ‘tablet mode’ (sort of like front row) when an accelerometer detects motion or a non-docked position.

    I guess we’ll know on the 27th.

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

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    Right after I listened to this episode, iTunes started telling me that the feed for the show — http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheLameShow — is no longer a valid podcast URL. Is something wrong?

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    David, thanks for bringing the feed error to our attention. Noah has solved the problem and it should be working fine now. (Stupid ampersand…)

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    Hey there, Eddie and Noah. Greetings from the Netherlands.
    I just wanted to drop by your site to tell you you’ve got a new listener, and give you a good ol’ “keep up the good work” and “Congratulations on your new crew- and family member.”

    To someone who doesn’t pay attention to the developments in consumer electronics at all, your show has not only been fun to listen to listen to, but also pretty educational.
    I hope your next episode comes out soon, so you two can educate me on what Apple’s iPad is about.

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    Um, I think the feed error is back.

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    Episode 54 keeps appearing in iTunes as a new podcast, no matter how many times I delete it or download it (every time I delete it again, it reappears as one that I have not yet downloaded).

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