Episode 52: The iPod Anniversary

Three years later, Noah and Eddie return to the topic of digital music on the heels of Apple’s now-annual September music event, which brings updates to iPods and iTunes.

The Internet Manifesto

Since our last podcast looked into the future of Newspapers and the internet, I think our listeners might find this interesting:

Internet Manifesto: How journalism works today; Seventeen declarations

A group of German weblog authors and journalist came up with a 17 point manifesto on how the realities of the internet and their implications for journalism.  It’s a quick read and doesn’t really go in to any real depth on any one of the declarations, but it provides a good jumping off point for thinking about how to journalist could and, as the authors of the manifesto argue, should approach the internet.

Episode 51: The Death of Newspapers

The life and death of the American newspaper is the main discussion topic for this episode. Noah and Eddie also respond to listener feedback from the last episode, which leads to a brief discussion of Snow Leopard.