Episode 50: Revenge of the Summer Movie Trio

Ray from 2PSTART returns to discuss the 2009 Summer Movie Season, including the sequels to Transformers and Terminator franchises, plus Land of the Lost, Funny People and whether or not the newest Harry Potter is the best or worst of the series.

Lame List nominations are given to an entitled New Yorker’s lawsuit, Twitter users and Apple (again!) for more iPhone App Store shenanigans.

Picks include Nintendo’s new Wii Sports Resort game and DC’s Blackest Night event.

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  1. Quote

    Any way to download the mp3 file? Or do I have to watch/download the m4a?

  2. Quote

    Hey Kyle,

    We only create a m4a version of the version of the podcast. I’ll talk to Eddie about it and maybe if he’s up to he will start to create a mp3 version as well.

  3. Quote

    How about this:


    Everyone should let me know if they’d prefer mp3

  4. Quote

    Mostly to prove to myself that it could be done, I’ve added the mp3 version of the podcast to the original post above. I’m not sure if we will continue to do this, it depends on the feedback we get from you, the listener! :D

  5. Quote

    Oh wow, thanks for that guys.

    I personally prefer mp3 since I can download it and put it on my iPod nano. Which (correct me if I’m wrong) I can’t do with an m4a file (since it’s a technically video and I have an early version of the iPod nano).

  6. Quote

    Actually, you should be able to put the m4a file on your nano or any other iPod. The video album art might not work, but the audio should be just fine. I actually put the m4a version of the podcast on my 2nd generation iPod Shuffle and it works just fine.

    That said, folks with non-iPod hardware might have trouble with m4a files and so it still might be worth it to put up a mp3 version.

  7. Quote

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask you what you think Mac OS 11 (It will come, eventually) will have it’s name based on. Like how OS 10 is great cats or something. I’m thinking something along the lines of Mac OS 11.3.2 Syphilis? 10.5.3 Gonorrhea? Hope that was good for a laugh, keep up the good work.

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