Episode 48: Let’s NOT Get Crazy

Noah and Eddie discuss the good and the lame of the newly-released iPhone software, hardware and prices. Plus AT&T & Palm Pre … and a Mexico Moment.

Lame List nominations are given to those who overstate Twitter’s importance in Iran and a beauty pageant winner/loser.

Picks include a pair of homeless Sims and the strange things people overhear in New York.


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    So I wanted to give a little feedback on my new Palm Pre. I would start by saying that I love it. Some of the high points as compared to the iphone are: actual keyboard!, multitasking, synergy, size(it is a much better size then the big iphone). Downside: lack of apps and 1.0 product. It would be great if there was the selection of apps that the iphone had but I believe that it is just a matter of time, and a function of sales, until they appear. 1.0 product means that there are rough edges to the software that need to be worked out but luckily it is VERY functional out of the gate. Additionally people are complaining about some missing obvious functionallity, but I believe this is a case of better to miss the functions then to get them wrong.

    There is some talk about the Pre syncing with itunes as an ipod and multi-touch leading to trouble and/or law suits with Apple. I believe that Apple will probably let the Pre exist in order to give the iphone a legitimate competitor without actually being a threat to the iphone. That way Apple can avoid the nasty Monopoly talk.

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    Eddie, I think maybe your 3.0 software update went [bonk].

    I’ve been running the 3.0 update on an original Edge network phone, and I haven’t noticed a significant slow down – yeah a little bit here and there – but not like what you described. You may want to try a full restore.

    Love the podcast!

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