Episode 47: The Competition Heats Up

Eddie’s back from abroad (and Noah’s still abroad) to answer listener comments, specifically about the topic of netbooks. Predictions are made regarding the next iPhone and the soon-arriving Palm Pre and Zune HD.

Nominations to the Lame List include a three-time winner (who really should’ve learned by now) and two thoroughly lame quotes from the world of entertainment.

Picks include Jon Hopkins’ “Light Through The Veins” and a new app for video format conversion.


  1. Quote

    Apple is still rejecting apps for dumb reasons. They just rejected an app from the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) because one of their recent blog posts linked to a Hitler parody video (which is of course available from both Safari on the iPhone and from the iPhone YouTube app. More info here: http://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2009/06/oh-come-apple-reject

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