Episode 44: Animation, right?

Animation is the main topic of discussion, but not before Eddie reveals the identity of his new phone to Noah, who has a few questions.

Nominated to the Lame List in this episode are WordPress hackers/spammers and the Academy of Arts and Sciences (possibly the same people?).

Picks include Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the colon-less Safari 4 Beta.

Bonus segments include: Noah queries Eddie about February’s WonderCon and also provides a Mexico Moment.


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    Betta Splenden said March 20, 2009, 1:02 pm:

    I’ve got a Lame List. When I’m on my home computer, the Lame Show downloads as a Audio Podcast. If I use WiFi on my iPod Touch, it’s a video podcast, meaning that if I want to do something else on my Touch, I have to leave the podcast and restart it by double tapping the Home button and selecting play from there.

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    Betta, what App do you use on your iPod Touch to download the podcast?

  3. Quote

    I would love to discuss the Safari 4 tab-redesign with Noah sometime. Does your show take callers?

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