Episode 37: 2nd Anniversary (un)Spectacular

After two years of podcasting, Noah and Eddie revisit the topic of the first episode: Apple’s September music event introducing new iPods and iTunes. Oh, and new Zunes, too.

But Apple is also the recipient of a Lame List nomination due to its App Store debacle. Amazon.com gets the competing nomination, now that ‘Video On Demand’ has mucked up the Recommended For You feature.

Picks for this episode are Megaman’s return to 8-bit glory and NPR’s Planet Money podcast.


  1. Quote

    I enjoy your podcast quite a bit, but I have to point out something about the great App Store debacle…

    The publicly reported reason that MailWrangler app was refused was for “causing user confusion” which sounds silly, but it isn’t really. All applications on the iPhone can tap into the Mobile Mail app as a service for emailing a link, emailing a photo etc.

    The 3rd party app cannot provide these services, so a user of the MailWrangler app would have to use built in mail for all integrated email options. That would pretty much suck.

    Mobile Mail certainly does support multiple gmail accounts, via IMAP or POP.

    Using IMAP, if you want to “star” or mark an email as spam with the Mobile Mail app, simply move the message to the appropriate provided folder (“Starred” or “Spam”).

    The instructions are available from Google’s Gmail app itself – and since I access gmail via IMAP in my desktop mail application, iTunes simply synchs the configuration over, and I don’t have to set anything up at all.

    It was also reported that the MailWrangler had a “feature” whereby once you set up the app, you couldn’t change the settings or preferences. Apparently the developer chose to whine on his blog instead of actually fixing the problem. if true…that’s a pretty good reason not to allow the app.

    I completely agree Apple should be clear and forthright with AppStore policies…but the 6 or so apps that have made all this noise recently (out of the thousands that have been approved) probably are flukes or actually deserved it.

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