Episode 36: Summer Movie Season Recap

Ray from 2PStart.com returns to recap the Summer Movie Season with Noah and Eddie. If you don’t like the topic, don’t worry, we get off-topic at least three times.

Lame List nominations are handed out for the death of Don LaFontaine, the green screening of John McCain, and the Clone Wars (doesn’t rhyme).

Picks for this episode are the precursor to The Dark Knight, Google’s new web browser and Junior Senior’s “new” album, Hey Hey My My Yo Yo


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    Nice podcast, I like Ray’s guest appearance (as I frequent his site), I definitely agree on the “clone wars” thing. If it was a pilot for a TV show, It shouldn’t have had a theater release (and subsequent happy meal promotion) I just hope the show crashes and burns.

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    Yeah, from what I heard, Clone Wars was originally supposed to be a show, but then George Lucas changed things up because he found it too epic for T.V.

    And didn’t they already have a Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network?


    But anyways, great podcast guys, once again!

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