Episode 16: Three Tickets to Lame

Ray returns to the podcast after releasing his new album, Jessica and the Silver Eclipse. He, Noah and Eddie discuss Digg’s HD DVD processing key debacleand the departure of PC Magazine’s Editor over an Apple story before getting the juicy topic of Summer Movie Season 2007, where Eddie’s comic book knowledge is summoned.

Only one thing is nominated to the Lame List, but Noah calls it “the best nomination I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Picks of the Week include Pidgin & Adium, the Wii’s Super Paper Mario, and Wil Wheaton’s blog at TV Squad.

The truly burning questions are asked: Are Top Ten lists written by lazy authors? Can Galactus be easily explained? Should Wes Bentley’s acting result in a ticket rebate? When isn’t the Caddyshack theme funny?

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