Episode 7: Unlocked

After first discussing the over-the-top Apple iPod Phone rumors, Noah & Eddie discuss the cracking of TiVoToGo’s encryption, the failure of iPod video to catch on, the downloadable Superman Returns DVD options available at Wal-Mart, the willingness of a major music label to offer unrestricted MP3s and Microsoft’s assertion it will sell one million Zunes by June 2007.

Nominated to the Lame List this week are Baskin Robbins (guess why?) and online columnists who choose to antagonize Apple fans. Recommended as Not Lame are Keane, for their Hopes & Fears album.

The truly burning questions are asked: Did Homer’s brother even deserve to be a CEO? Does Bill Gates know the prices of all the versions of Windows Vista? Would Apple drop copy-protection from iTunes if the major labels asked them? Why does the Mexican Power System hate Noah?  

(NOTE: The first 30 minutes of Noah’s GOOD audio was lost. If the static bothers you, skip to minute 31)

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