Episode 4: Broken Promises

Noah is back, and in his Mexico Moment explains buses, Wi-Fi and the overwhelming popularity of Hotmail and MSN Messenger. Both Eddie and Noah discuss TiVo (Series3 only $800!) and .Mac and how the two actually relate to each other (see title of episode). Plus, Noah retracts a prediction from Episode 1 and makes a new (much [...]

Episode 3: Revenge of the Phone

While Mexican Internet keeps Noah from participating, Apple “Switch” star Aaron Adams visits to discuss why Apple won’t release a cell phone. Also discussed are HD DVD and Blu-ray discs and whether or not the term ‘podcast’ should be renamed ‘netcast’ due to Apple’s legal maneuverings.

Episode 2: Coming Zune

Ray from raybobindustries.com visits to bring Noah and Eddie up to speed on Nintendo’s Wii gaming console. Also discussed are Microsoft’s Zune and Xbox products. In the Mexico Moment, Noah explains the growing popularity of (bad) American pop culture.